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Welcome to an Atlas of Napoleonic Cartography in Italy

This web atlas is a pilot project designed to show the number and variety of manuscript maps surviving from the Napoleonic War period and the value of internet technology for their analysis, dissemination, and use.


Created by Anne Marie Claire Godlewska, Paul Schauerte, Paul Godlewski, Al-Nasir Hamir, Madame Marie-Anne Corvisier de Villele, and Madame Claude Ponnou as a project of cooperation between Queen's University and the Service historique de l'armée de terre.

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For quick viewing you can use the Chapters list (on the next page).  To understand the structure of the atlas, consult the Detailed Table of Contents (also on the next page).  If you prefer, you can move your cursor over any activated portion of the screen and left click on it.   Left clicking on the mouse will take you deeper into the atlas, either within the same window or by opening a new window.  To go from the new window back to the main pages of the atlas, simply close the window (click on the x in the upper right hand corner).  Within the main part of the atlas and within the new windows you can also navigate by using the back and forward keys in your web browser.


Reproduction rights for the S.H.A.T. documents within this Atlas

lie with the Ministère de la Defense, France.  To secure reproduction rights please contact: 

Mme Claude Ponnou
Section des cartes et plans
Service Historique de l'Armée de terre
Chateau de Vincennes
Avenue de Paris
Vincennes, 94300


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