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Dr. DongMei Chen
Associate Professor
Office: Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room D125
Phone: +001 (613) 533-6045
Fax: +001 (613) 533-6122
Email: chendm@queensu.ca
Website: http://gis.geog.queensu.ca




Teaching Interests





I was born and grew up in China. I received my B.A. in geography from Peking University, China, a master in GIS and remote sensing application from the Institute of Remote Sensing Application, Chinese Academic of Science. I got my Ph.D. in Geography from the joint doctoral program of San Diego State University and University of California at Santa B.A.rB.A.ra in 2001. I had worked in ESRI as a GIS product specialist for one year before I came to Queen's University in 2002.

Teaching Interests

Since arriving at Queens, I have developed a suite of GIS courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Please visit the departmental website or my website (http://gis.geog.queensu.ca) for more detailed information. Recent courses that I have instructed include:

GPHY249* - Introduction to Cartography and Thematic mapping
GPHY349* - Principles of Geographic Information Science
GISC 301* - Environmental Modeling

GPHY 855* - Spatial Analysis
GPHY 849* - Seminar in GIS


My research areas focus on the understanding and modeling of interactions between human activities and the physical environment by using GIS and remote sensing techniques and spatial modeling approaches from local to regional scales. My current research interests include:

  • Error modeling and accuracy analysis in remote sensing.
  • Spatial-temporal disease spread modeling and simulation.
  • Modeling social, economic, environmental, health and climate impacts of urbanization.
  • Land use/cover change detection and modeling.
  • Urban micro-climate and air quality mapping using remotely sensed data and GIS.
  • Spatial point pattern analysis and geostatistics.


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